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Lori Gwyr teaches positive, practical dog training

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Meet the trainer, Lori Gwyr KPA CTP

Positive methods

I use positive methods to raise and train well-adjusted pets who love to learn.

Individual needs

I identify the needs of each individual dog to keep their environment happy, safe and stress-free.

Great relationship

I believe a great dog-human relationship is based on mutual trust, clear communication and the enjoyment of one another's company, whether you're on the agility field, on the trails or on the sofa.

Lori Gwyr

You get a trainer who is:

You get training that is:

  • Effective and easy to understand
  • Concise, with a beginning, middle, and end
  • Designed to leave you and your dog with the skills to further your training and continue to improve your relationship

Understand why positive training works

I train dogs, and show my students how to train dogs, so that the animal is set up to succeed. This shortens the training time and heightens the experience for both trainer and animal. These four training characteristics govern what and how we train.

Key training characteristics

Modern methods

  • Proven effective
  • Be amazed at what your dog can do

Realistic goals

  • Raise well-adjusted dogs
  • Train what you need

Sensible program

  • Tailored to you
  • Take away the skills to carry through

Above all else, fun

  • Make training into playtime
  • Your dog will love to learn

We are all built to repeat behaviors that work for us

You go to the ATM. It gives you money. You will likely go to the ATM again. You try a new restaurant and have the most amazing meal of your life. You will likely go back to that restaurant again.

Why? …

Read Why Positive Works for a short explanation


We'll give your puppy or dog the great start he needs to ensure future success. We’ll work to build the foundation skills you and your dog need to ensure your relationship will be strong right from the get-go.

Program benefits

  • Provides personalized instruction at your home
  • Trains you and your pup quickly
  • Teaches you how to teach your pup anything
  • Gives you practical techniques to use throughout your dog's life
  • Answers questions specific to your dog

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Boston's MetroWest:
Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, Natick and Framingham north

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$85 per hour
In-home training time


Evenings and weekends

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